Have your special moments last a little longer

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That is most certainly true, but what if we told you that we could make a picture worth even more? At SloMoments, we have created a one of kind technology that captures life’s most important moments through slow motion recording combined with the pure entertainment of an interactive video-booth experience. 

Based in the heart of Phoenix, our SloMoment Team has been committed to bringing this unique attraction to events of all shapes and sizes. This includes large corporate events, weddings, charity galas, holiday parties, birthdays and any celebration that involves bringing people together.


For years, we have gone to events where photo-booths were the added attraction. As much as we enjoyed our picture being taken, we found that the photo-booth experience was limited, time consuming, and fell short of being something guests got super excited about. 

To put it simply, a still picture or photo-strip felt really boring to us.

This is why we launched SloMoments and developed a more modern and engaging video-booth experience that allows guests to not only capture their most entertaining movements, but also provide them with an even greater social media experience.

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How It Works

First, one of our team members will sit down with you and go over your event to understand your overall vision, theme, and timeline. We will then discuss our various services, pricing and general details. 

On the day of your event, our team will set up our SloMoment booth in the designated area provided. Once in place, your guests have the option to visit our booth anytime during your event. One of our SloMoment team members will guide them in the booth and explain our easy 1, 2, 3, SloMo-Process!


Guests will choose from our inventory of props, costumes and party accessories that are associated to your event’s theme and style.


They will then strike an entertaining, loveable, charming, or fun-filled movement of their choice! This could be jumping in front of the camera, blowing a kiss, doing a silly dance, or any action that is going to look extra special (and cool!) in slow motion.


In less than 3 minutes, your guests will have a custom and one of kind slow motion video delivered to their smartphone or email.

Yes, it is that simple! Instead of walking away with just a still picture, guests will have a moving image capturing all the energy of their attended event.


We offer a variety of services in addition to our popular SloMoment Booth. The below added services will provide your guests with digital tools to help them bring your event to life across their social media platforms. This not only allows for more marketing options, sponsorship opportunities and awareness, but will also make your event unforgettable.

Slomo Time
Professional Attendant & Cinematographer
Set Up & Clean Up
Props, Lighting, Cameras, Monitors & Backdrops
TV for Instant Playback
Airdrop Immediately to Guests' Phone
Full Recap Video of all Guests with Royalty Free Music
Digital Download Link of Final Video
Raw Footage of Each Slow Motion Clip
1 Week Delivery Guarantee
Snapchat Filters
Custom Video Template
Personalized Props
Online Video Portal



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